Machine embroidery was created by combining several different wisteria designs from OESD,and manipulating them in Artista software.

Hand beading adds depth.

Decorative trim stitched from the bobbin, and working right side down, enables you to add threads and yarn that are too heavy to run through your upper needle.

Having a second bobbin case, on which you can adjust tension, is helpful so you can leave your original case calibrated for regular sewing.

Silk fantasy tulip was appliqued on right leg of slender gold silk pants, and enhanced with couching and free motion thread painting.

Faberge eggs on hydrangea petals were created by extensively editing Filigree Border designs from OESD into medallions, using Artista software. Each of the petals are enhanced with bugle beads on the edge, and hot fix Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

The "Faberge eggs" are represented by the colorful embroidered medallions on each of the hydrangea petals cascading down the back of the detachable train. These medallions were created by using OESD's Filigree Borders design pack and duplicating, mirror imaging, removing the bottom bars and resizing the border designs to create the oval medallions in Artista software. Each petal was trimmed with bugle beads along the edges and heat set rhinestones nestled into the medallions for twinkle.

Embroidered flowers from Bernina and OESD Stitched on scrunched green silk and appliqued onto gold silk jacket.

Lining of detachable train was couched with swirling yarns.


Attention to detail means touches like hand dying silk snaps to match fabrics.


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