Favorite Links

Please note: These links are here for your convenience. I have no financial or business ties to any of them, and do not accept any responsability or liability for your transactions with them.

Applique Patterns:

The Picket Fence: http://www.appliquedesigns.com

Whistle Pig Creek : http://www.wpcreek.com


Fairfield Processing: http://www.poly-fil.com


Fire Mountain Gems: http://www.firemountaingems.com


Jenny Raymond: http://www.jennyraymond.com Talented Designer/ Instructor/Quilt and Wearable artist.

Jane Dunnewold: http://www.complexcloth.com Designer/Artist/Instructor in exquisite art cloth.

Linda Brooks Hirschman: http://www.lindabrookshirschman.com (Felted textile artist/instructor)

Dyes and Paints:

Things Japanese: http://www.silkthings.com (also silk thread)

Pro-Chem: http://www.prochemical.com

Darhma Trading: http://www.dharhmatrading.com

Embroidery Designs, Stabilizers, Thread

Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design (OESD): http://www.embroideryonline.com

Embroidery Designs:

Zundt Designs: http://www.zundtdesign.com

Your local Bernina dealer


The Sewing Studio - Maitland, FL (Orlando, FL area): This is a wonderful fabric store with a wide selection of high quality and hard-to-find unusual fabrics and notions: http://www.sewing.net

Denver Fabrics: http://www.denverfabric.com

Free Spirit Fabrics: http://www.freespiritfabric.com

Thai Silks: http://thaisilks.com

Cherrywood Fabrics: http://www.fabrics.com

Silk Road: http://www.srfabrics.com

Super Silk, Inc.: http://www.supersilk.com


Fiber (wool and silk rovings for needle punch)

Meinke Toy: http://www.meinketoy.com

Prarie Fibers: http://www.prairiefibers.com

Outback Fibers: http://www.outbackfibers.com

Silk from the Mannings: http://www.the_mannings.com

Aurora Silk: http://www.aurorasilk.com


Park Bench Patterns: http://www.parkbenchpatterns.com

Indygo Junction: http://www.indygojunctioninc.com

Loes Hinse Design: http://www.loeshinsedesign.com

Lorraine Torrence Designs: http://www.lorrainetorrence.com


Kandi Corp: http://www.kandicorp.com

Creative Crystals: http://www.creative-crystals.com


YLI Corp.: http://www.ylicorp.com


Bernina of America, Inc. sewing machine company: http://www.berninausa.com

Quilts, Inc.: http://www.quilts.com

QuiltArt: http://www.quiltart.com