A Punch Tool is a gizmo that holds several barbed needles, which function to marry colored fibers to a base fabric. My favorite is wool on wool, but other blends and combinations on various fabrics can be very exciting. This can be done, by hand, with a single needle or multiple needles in a holder. It can also be done on certain sewing and embellishing machines. Beading adds yet another dimension.

I use the Bernina punch tool and find it a dream to handle.

Free form designs cascade down back and over shoulder of black wool jacket with contrasting turquoise silk cuffs and collar. Jacket adapted from Vogue #2390.

Needle felting on red wool jacket.

Back Scene

Dragonfly on left front

Wool and silk rovings on open weave linen type fabric.

Jacket pattern: Indygo Junction's "Anna Claire IJ725

Front Detail

Thread Painting and Beading

add detail to the felting.

Back Cascasde of Flowers