Inspiration and Description

Laroyce Coy photo

Laroyce Coy photo

Laroyce Coy photo

Wind and Water

By Toni Carroll

For Bernina Fashion Show “Rendezvous” 2008

International Quilt Festival/Market

Houston, TX

When the power of wind rendezvous with the rhythm of the Sea, the result is the undulating movement of the ocean as the two meet and begin to dance. Like a romantic tryst, at first gentle and sensuous, the power of two great forces builds slowly into a passionate crescendo of the excitement and danger of a storm at sea.  The resulting interaction between these two opposing forces of wind and water is represented in this garment by the curved piecing and appliqué of ocean colors in waves of manipulated fabrics.  Silks, yarns, ribbons, trims, and other embellishments, enhance each curved wave.  Embroidered swirls, colorful fish and shells, play in and out of the sculpted fabrics.  The natural luster of silk adds the look of the soft shimmer of light on the surface of water when it rolls gently. The easy movement of the fabrics spilling down from the shoulder of the garment starts the dance, as wind begins to caress the tranquil waters.  As wind and water rhythmically move together, the surface of the ocean ripples and sways and starts to break.  Numerous fabric manipulation techniques were employed to create the illusion of breaking waves on the smooth surface of the silks.  Pleating is the first soft ripples on the surface of the water.   Scrunching shows intensifying of the movement. Gridding, candleing, and puffing, give the feel of more bubbles and chopping of the surface waters as the passion grows, and adds complexity and depth to the design.  Thousands of beads and rhinestones were hand applied by the designer to add the sparkle and twinkle of light glistening off the water.  As the design beckons you to move down and around the garment, you sense the building power as the colors intensify and the embellishments become stronger and more compelling.   You begin to feel the impending crescendo, as the scattered poufs create the effect of bubbles on a churning sea. The circular embroidered appliques represent the combination of wind and water in the beautiful, but dangerous, spinning of water spouts.  The fabrics sweep you along like the wind, to reach the deeper colors of the stormy seas at the bottom and train of the piece.
The accompanying head piece and purse, were created and hand embellished by the designer to enhance the overall design presentation and complete the garment.
The garments beneath the coat reveal the slow return of the calming of the
Ocean.  The more gentle waves on the silk, one-shoulder top flow softly down with soothing colors and less textured embellishments.  The sway of the teal silk charmeuse pants moves like a quietly rippling stream. The delicate, colorful streamers of iridescent silk chiffon float gently over the pants to add to the illusion of caressing breezes as they calm.  As the lines soften, and the colors become more peaceful, you are reminded of the calm after the storm. 
The sun returns and sparkles on the now more gentle waters.  You relax with the soothing and healing power of a soft breeze on a quiet ocean.
These two great forces return to living separately as sky and sea, only kissing softly, teasingly, now and then, until the next time they decide to rendezvous, and begin the dance anew.