Autobiography - Toni Carroll

* "Shopper's Dream" - details at bottom of page.

"Chocolate Moose" - details at bottom of page


My love of art emerged with my first box of crayons. After creating several "murals" on the living room walls, my Mother quickly supplied her budding artist with plenty of drawing paper.While all my girlfriends were at Brownie meetings, I was in art classes. I went on to win numerous awards all throughout my school years. I even sold some of my artwork as early as grade school. After winning the First Place Art Award from the Mississippi Art Association, as a high school senior, I majored in Fine Arts at the University of Mississippi, later returning for further studies in Interior Design at colleges in Dallas, St. Petersburg and Orlando, FL. A long and satisfying career in Interior Design followed, including numerous awards and publication of my work.

My attention eventually turned to sculpting One-Of-A-Kind art dolls. My dolls have sold to collectors as far away as Australia. Articles and photos of many of my dolls have appeared in:

Art of the Doll by Susanna Oroyan

Fantastic Figures by Susana Oroyan

Creative Paper Doll Making by Rhonda Rainey

Doll World Magazine
Dolls Magazine
Contemporary Doll Collector
Orlando Museum of Art, Special Exhibit by Council 101

Springfield Museum, Springfield, Oregon - Dolls of the 21st Century II


Forced to give up sculpting due to a clay allergy, I returned to another long time love…sewing. Fabric and thread became my new paint and pallet, and sewing and teaching my new passions.

Wearable art gives me that third dimension that I loved about sculpting. While I admire the beautiful and inspired work of two-dimensional artists, I personally find it too limiting. I enjoy the challenge of wrapping art around the curves and angles of the human body.

I have been teaching sewing classes, with emphasis on fabric manipulation and wearable art, for more than a decade.

Some of my Art-To-Wear work includes:

Shows and Awards:

Bernina University Fashion ShowViewers Choice Award 2001

Bernina Fashion Show- Renaissance 2001

Bernina Fashion Show - Fantasy 2003

Bernina Fashion Show Inspiration 2005, "Creme de la Creme" award

Bernina Fashion Show - Magnifique 2006, "Viewer's Choice" award

Work also featured in these publications:

Fashion Imagination book, Bernina Fashion Show 2001

Fashion Imagination book, Bernina Fashion Show 2003

Fashion Imagination DVD, Bernina Fashion Show 2005

Bernina Fashiuon Show, DVD, 2006

Through the Needle magazine, Bernina Sewing Machine Inc. publication, 2005

Through the Needle magazine, Bernina Sewing Machine, Inc. publication, 2006

Through the Needle magazine, Bernina Sewing Machine, Inc. publication, 2008

Waynesville Weekly Aug 2010

Laurel of Asheville, Sept 2010

Smoky Mountain News,Aug 2010

Verve Magazine for Women, Sept 2010


*Quilts featured above:

*"Shopper's Dream" created using hats, purses and shoes from The Picket Fence applique patterns. Overall arrangement and cabinet by Toni Carroll. Embroidery designs from Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design. This wall hanging can also be seen on The Picket Fence website.

**"Chocolate Moose" created using Moose Amigos pattern from Whistle Pig Creek. ( arrangement and tree by Toni Carroll. Embroidery designs from Bernina "Current Critters" card.