Bernina Fashion Show 2005 "Inspiration"

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Kim Coffman photo

Courtesy of Quilts, Inc.

Kim Coffman photo

Courtesy of Quilt's, Inc.

Runway Photo by

Peggy Frankovich

Kim Coffman photo

Courtesy og Quilt's, Inc.

Runway photos by Peggy Frankovich

"Faberge Garden"

Bernina Fashion Show 2005

Creme de la Creme Award

International Quilt Market/Festival

Quilts, Inc. Houston Texas

Inspiration for this garment:

Have you ever watched your garden, early in the morning, when the first warm golden rays of the sun sweep across your flowers, kissing the dew and turning it into sparkling jewels encrusting your petals? It is such a magical moment, and reminds me of the fabulous Faberge` eggs I've seen in museums. That moment was the inspiration for my garment "Faberge` Garden".

The warm golden silk, which forms the background of the jacket and pants, reminded me of the beautiful gold of the morning sun before it rises to be the brilliant white hot noonday sun. As a fan of English gardens I love the colorful mix of so many different flowers, each adding it's own special voice to the harmony.

My favorite flower is hydrangea, so the detachable train is formed with a cascade of silk hydrangea petals. The multi-colored delicate scroll medallions represent fabulous Faberge` eggs nestled among the flowers. The embroidered medallions started life as flat edged one-sided border designs from OESD. Through the magic of Artista software I was able to duplicate, mirror image, add extra flowers and turn them into the "egg" shape. A few sparking rhinestones give life to the "dew".

The flowers on the lower half of the jacket are a combinatiin of designs from Bernina cards, built-in designs, and OESD designs. The wisteria spilling down the top and sleeves is a combination of three different OESD designs. All were manipulated and combined in Artista software.

The jacket is hand beaded with a plethora of different shaped and sized beads to give rise to the memory of the "dew jewels" in the early morning light.